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A Great Benefit Option for Small Businesses

Direct Primary Care is a revolution for business owners! Watch this video to see how Grace Family Medicine can help you and your employees.

Not every business can afford group coverage plans. Our discount business pricing on employer sponsored plans provides an affordable way for you to offer more to your employees and their families!

Employees and prospects are seeking not only differential benefits, but also employers who show commitment to quality of life. Recruit top talents, build job satisfaction, and increase loyalty amongst employees by offering this unique healthcare benefit.

Providing a direct primary care membership for your employees empowers them to take control of their health without the mandates, networks, and cost involved with providing health insurance. Moreover, access to a primary care doctor allows you, the employer, to affordably cultivate a healthy, productive workforce through on-site visits, flu shot initiatives, and wellness programming.

We work with employer groups of all sizes. If you’re already providing health insurance for your employees, working with smart, forward-thinking health insurance brokers to build an insurance plan with direct primary care at the center can yield huge cost savings for you. Send us an email to start the conversation.

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